I recently moved back home to Indiana, and in doing so, I decided to purchase a home. My wife and I looked at several houses before deciding on our fixer-upper. We knew when we purchased it that the home would need a lot of work, but neither of us were prepared for just how much of an undertaking it was going to be. Many of the other houses we looked at were in prime condition, but the purchasing process for those homes turned into a bidding war, which we obviously lost.

Depending on what matters most to you in your home buying process, there are a few months that differ. You may find a better home price one month but experience much less competition with other buyers during another. Here are the best months to buy a home in Indiana:


We put an offer on our home in February, which is apparently just shy of one of the best times to start house hunting in the Hoosier state. (Just my luck.) Houzeo reports that during the month of April, Indiana home buyers can expect lower prices due to an influx in new home listings. With more homes on the market, sellers are more likely to negotiate a better price. That said, you may still face some competition.


During the month of August, house hunters have the most options when it comes to the number of homes on the market. This was something my wife and I certainly did not have during our search in January and February. However, Houzeo notes that with the increase in options comes an increase in buyers. Therefore, you may spend a little more to get what you're after due to the competition.

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Fall is perhaps the best time to purchase a home. During November, sellers who have not yet sold their home may be more inclined to accept a lower offer. Additionally, you'll also see a lot less buyer competition due to the kickoff of the holiday season around Thanksgiving. This seems to be the golden time to buy a house in the Hoosier state.

While my wife and I's home buying process may not have been the easiest, we did end up with a great home and have had the opportunity to make it our own. The best part is that it's much closer to our friends and family and all the other great things in the tri-state. However, if I ever buy another home, it will definitely be during one of these months.

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