If you don't know by now, I'm an enormous fan of all things Star Wars. The franchise not only introduced fans to new stories and technology, but also some rather different foods. In the first film released, now titled Star Wars IV: A New Hope, Luke Skywalker takes a sip of what appears to be blue milk while talking with his aunt and uncle around the dinner table. As a kid, I always wanted to try this, and it looks like I'll now have the chance.

In April 2024, TruMoo began tempting Star Wars fans with a new flavor of milk, simply called "Blue Mlik." According to their website, it's available now in grocery stores nationwide for a limited time through July. The new beverage comes in a half-gallon size, contains 1% low-fat milk, and is supposed to have a vanilla flavor. Here is the description from TruMoo:

Introducing the galaxy's NEW Blue Milk: STAR WARS™ TruMoo Blue Milk! This delicious vanilla-flavored 1% lowfat milk is sure delight your taste buds! Available for a limited time only.



The TruMoo Blue Milk contains eight grams of protein in a single eight-ounce serving, which is the same as a glass of 1% milk from Prairie Farms Dairy. However, one serving of Blue Milk clocks in at 150 calories, whereas a normal glass of 1% checks in at 100 calories. As you might have guessed, TruMoo's new milk contains a tad more sugar with 12 grams of added sugar, for a total of 23 grams all around. In comparison, regular 1% milk contains just 11 total sugars.

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As soon as I saw this new Star Wars-inspired milk appear on my social media feed, I knew I had to go try and find some. However, sadly, it's listed as "not available" at grocery stores near my home. It could be that the product has been so popular that fans have been clearing out shelves. That said, perhaps TruMoo will realize how big of a hit it was and release it without the Star Wars branding in the near future. Either way, my hunt is not yet over.

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