Old Ben AquaPark in Winslow, Indiana has announced its 2024 opening date along with some new unique attractions!

Last year, a new inflatable waterpark pending in Pike County, Indiana. A 266-acre Boy Scout Reservation, Old Ben Boy Scout Reservation, in Pike County got a major makeover and it was converted into a new campground and aquapark known as Old Ben Aqua Park and Campground. Here's what Pike County Economic Development Corporation said about the waterpark last year:

The charm of Pike County, Indiana is the outdoors recreational assets, and this is a prime example. Pike County’s quality of life amenities are rich, and we have much untapped potential. The future plans for Old Ben include a large inflatable aquapark on the lake with canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, and more with camp sites for tents and campers. It will be summer retreat to enjoy the great outdoors.
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When will Old Ben AquaPark Open in 2024?

According to Old Ben AquaPark's website, the 2024 opening date will be May 25th. The inflatable AquaPark will be open Thursday through Sunday from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m. EST. I have to admit, this place looks pretty awesome! It's surely going to be a highly popular hangout in southern Indiana during the summer. Pike County Indiana Camber of Commerce also shared a video of some kiddos testing the AquaPark out last year. You can get a little glimpse of what to expect in the post below:

The Pike County Indiana Chamber of Commerce also shared some news about Old Ben AquaPark's new features this year and they sound like a blast! Old Ben AquaPark will be transforming into an adventure park! On top of the inflatable waterpark, Old Ben will also be introducing laser tag, a hillside waterslide, more obstacles, and perhaps the most interesting new feature, a climbing dome. You can get a sneak peek of those in the video below.

Old Ben AquaPark and Campground is located at 5737 E County Road 175 North in Winslow, Indiana. Be sure to visit Old Ben AquaPark and Campground's website as they will be updating with more details soon.

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