You can peel back the curtain and see inside this historic (and haunted) Hoosier mansion.

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The Historic Hannah Mansion

Located in Indianapolis is the historic Hannah Mansion (sometimes called the Hannah House).  The Hannah Mansion was built in 1858, and not only does this house have a rich history, it is also said to be haunted.


According to the Historic Hannah Mansion, urban legends claim the owner of the Hannah House, Alexander Hannah took a strong stance against slavery, and the house was once a part of the Underground Railroad.  Unfortunately, tragedy struck this historic house one winter night.

Now one of the most told urban legend stories of The Historic Hannah Mansion is that one cold winter night, a group of slaves were passing through Indiana as they were making their way to downtown Indianapolis.  They stopped at Hannah Mansion for the night ... then Alexander could take them in for shelter and they would have a safe place for the night.  So, Alexander took them down to the basement and gave them food and water.  As they were laying on beds made of hay, a lantern tipped over and caused a fire in the basement where they were sleeping.  Urban Legend say's that they all passed away that night and since it was winter, Alexander  couldn't give them a proper Christian burial so he had to bury them in ground of the basement at The Historic Hannah Mansion.

There are many claims of paranormal activity in the house, and people who drive by claim to have seen an older man in the window waving as they pass.


You Can Investigate the Hannah Mansion

If you're a fan of the paranormal and things that go "bump" in the night, then a paranormal investigation of the Hannah Mansion may be right up your alley.  They offer overnight paranormal investigations of the Hannah Mansion, complete with pizza (hey ghost bustin' works up an appetite).

Want to book your overnight  paranormal investigation at The Historic Hannah Mansion ??? As of now, we are available on Friday and Saturday nights, the cost is $500 and up to 10 people ($50 additional to an extra person).  Hours will be 7pm - 5am, plus we will accommodate your hours if traveling.  Also, Pizza and drinks will be provided for your visit at The Historic Hannah Mansion as our appreciation !!!

If you want to learn more about booking a paranormal investigation, you can check out the website, here. 

Step Inside the HIstoric Hannah Mansion for a Tour

Maybe ghost hunting isn't up your alley, you can still enjoy the Hannah Mansion.  Maybe a history tour is more up your alley? The Hannah Mansion offers history tours to the public on the first Sunday of every month.


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