Fans of Pangea Kitchen who live in Warrick County won't have to drive as far to get their fix with the recent announcement by the owner that he is expanding into Newburgh.

Evansville 411 News, the local Facebook page that tracks and reports on new commercial developments in the area, was the first to report the expansion in a post on Wednesday morning. According to their report, Pangea owner, Randy Hobson has purchased the building formerly occupied by The Wine Down at 8666 Ruffian Lane.

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Hobson is quoted as saying the new restaurant will not be a copy of his other establishments (in addition to Pangea Kitchen, Hobson also owns and operates 2nd Language and Pangea Pizzeria in downtown Evansville). Instead, it will be "an authentic ethnic concept unlike any of our other offerings."

No further information on what that concept will be or a proposed opening date for the new establishment was given. However, Evansville 411 News does mention that permits have been submitted to the state to renovate the building.

Pangea's Other Offerings

As mentioned above, Hobson currently owns three other restaurants under the Pangea name, each offering his spin on world cuisines. His original establishment, Pangea Kitchen offers both Neopolitan and Detroit-style pizza options as well as Thai cuisine, salads, sandwiches, gelato and other desserts, a full bar, and more.

2nd Language and Pangea Pizzeria, both located at 401 NW 2nd Street downtown, offers Asian-inspired dishes such as ramen bowls, bao buns, and various Neo-Neopolitan pizzas, respectively.

You can see the complete menus for each location by clicking on the names above.

[Source: Evansville 411 News on Facebook]

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