A few years ago, I decided I wanted to start dropping some weight and began going to the gym about three times per week. I ended up dropping about 40 pounds in the first year, but I still have a ways to go before meeting my end goal. As part of my post-workout routine, I wash my not-so-great-smelling workout clothes, which are always covered in sweat by the time I take them off. I always thought most gym rats did this too, but apparently I was wrong.

According to a study conducted by Promo Guy, only three out of four Americans wash their sportswear after every use, meaning some folks out there are skipping laundry day. More than half of the people surveyed who don't wash their clothes said there was no need. I strongly disagree. What's even worse? One in 20 Americans admitted to wearing workout clothes that haven't been washed for at least a month.

The data was broken down by state, with Hoosiers falling in line with most other Americans at a 75% post-workout wash rate. Kentucky, on the other hand, had the highest rate of post-workout washes nationwide, with 92% of folks in the bluegrass state wanting a clean set of clothes each gym trip. The state that washes their sportswear the least was actually Iowa, with only 38% of residents admitting to cleaning their gym clothes after every use.

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While I understand some people sweat less than others, I still can't fathom wearing gym clothes for more than one trip. Am I crazy? Possibly. Although I've been around some pretty sweaty folks at my local gym who smelled like they hadn't washed their clothes nor their armpits in a hot minute. That said, if you don't want to wash your smelly clothes for yourself, at least keep your gym buds in mind.

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