One website claims that one Indiana town is one of the top winter wonderland destinations in the country. Can you guess which one?

As someone who is from a small town in Indiana, I am proud of where I come from. Boonville, Indiana is a great place to raise a family and to call home. I don't care what anyone says. Indiana is full of small towns. Most of these little towns in the state are quite charming. There's so much hometown pride in these small towns. I mention that because there's a correlation between small towns and Hallmark movies. A constant theme with the majority of Hallmark movies is small towns. Think about all of the Hallmark movies you have seen in the past, most of them are centered around small-town living. They are typically a town that could be described as a "winter wonderland."

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Nowadays, we here in Indiana don't see as much snow around the holidays as we might like, but that doesn't mean that we don't have some "winter wonderlands" throughout the state. In fact, one website says that there is one that you have to visit this winter.

family ice skating
Svetlana Khvorostova

One Indiana Town Named Among Top 'Winter Wonderland Destinations' in the US

According to a list compiled by Architectural Digest, there are 100 destinations scattered across the country known for being some of the most stunning and eventful winter wonderland towns around! We are talking about a town adorned in lights and lined with a dusting of snow, cozy shops, or beautiful mountain backdrops, something about these locations keeps people coming back each winter. Here's what Architectural Digest had to say about compiling the data to discover the best winter wonderland destinations across the U.S.:

"To find the answer, we harnessed data from Yelp, Airbnb, and other platforms to rank 95 destinations across six wintry categories. The result is a meticulously crafted guide that weighs the charm of the weather, the comfort of lodgings, and the thrill of snowy activities to unveil the best winter destinations."

Out of all the 100 places they named, only one of them is here in Indiana. So, which town is one of the top winter wonderland destinations in America? Well, it might not be the town you'd think. That honor goes to Lawrenceburg.

Lawrenceburg has it all. Small town shops, an ice rink, Christmas lights, and a Winter Wonderland event on December 2nd (which is pretty fitting). You can learn all about what Lawrenceburg has to offer during the holiday season by clicking here. Oh, and there's also skiing there too!

Was this the town you were expecting? Honestly, I figured it would either be Nashville or Santa Claus, but Lawrenceburg seems like a good fit. You can check out what other towns landed on this list of winter wonderland destinations in America by clicking here.