One study says that this Indiana city is the most relaxed in the entire state. Do you think you know what it is?

Indiana towns are really a hot topic lately. When it comes to Indiana, we have no shortage of small towns with a few big cities scattered in there too. Everyone has small-town pride nowadays. Heck, even those in the bigger cities have pride for their city. So, let's continue that theme by talking about an Indiana city that I saw in a study the other day.

Recently we discovered the most stressed city in Indiana, which you can discover by clicking here. Now, let's go in the opposite direction. One website ranked the most relaxed cities in the United States. Based on the highest ranking of an Indiana city on the list, we can conclude that city is the most relaxed in Indiana.

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The website, LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on 42 stress factors and stress relievers. More specifically, they factored in metrics like depression rates, the average length of a workday, and access to spas and massage therapists. Given all of that information, let's find out which Indiana city is the most relaxed.


The Most Relaxed City in Indiana

The highest-ranking city in Indiana on this list was Fort Wayne. So, that means that based on the data, it's the most relaxed city in Indiana. Is that something that residents of Fort Wayne would agree with? Now look, we all get stressed. It doesn't matter where you live, stress is always around. Whether it be stress over money, commutes, family, friends, or sports, everyone experiences stress. However, it appears that Fort Wayne is much more relaxed than any other Indiana city.

Aside from Fort Wayne, there was another Indiana city that landed on this list. Indianapolis came in at number 177. So, is this data something that you agree with, or do you think that there is another Indiana city that should have made the cut?

You can take a look at the study in full detail by clicking here.

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