We all get a lot of calls from numbers that we don't recognize. Most simply don't answer. However, if you receive a call from one of these numbers, you definitely don't want to answer the phone.

How many times a week do you think that you get a scam call on your phone? There is always someone out there trying to trick you into giving them some money. These scammers have gotten very creative throughout the years. While there are countless ways in which people can scam you out of money. It's hard to not only keep up with them, but it has gotten even harder to decipher what is legit and what is a scam.



There's a long list of ways people will try to scam you over the phone. Over the years, scammers have gotten really good at tricking people. They are able to alter the information that you see on your phone when a call comes in. This technique, known as "spoofing," is the reason that some unsuspecting individuals fall victim to common scams. Most phone providers will give you a heads-up when you are getting a call from a suspected scammer by displaying "Scam Likely" underneath the number when you receive a call. Even then, that doesn't mean that it can detect all scam calls. So what's something that you can look out for to help identify scammers?

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Don't Answer Calls From These Phone Numbers

Well, here's a tip. It's easy to know if you are getting a scam call if you know some of the most used numbers that scammers call you from. Thanks, to Go Banking Rates we know a few of those phone numbers. They have shared 11 phone numbers that are proven to come from scammers. Never answer calls from these phone numbers ever:

  • (904) 495-2559 - They'll say you won a raffle
  • (858) 605-9622 - Scammer will allege that your bank account is frozen
  • (878) 877-1402 - The thief will claim your credit card account is on hold
  • (863) 532-7969 - The voice will claim your debit card has been compromised
  • (469) 709-7630 - This is the infamous failed delivery attempt scam
  • (805) 637-7243 - They'll say they're from Publisher's Clearing House
  • (202) 221-7923 - The scammer will say your student loans will be forgiven
  • (312) 339-1227 - Weight loss and delivery scams originate from this number
  • (865) 630-4266 - The fake Wells Fargo text message scam comes from this number
  • (347) 437-1689 - The thief will say you have unpaid taxes
  • (301) 307-4601 - Many United States Postal Service scams start from this number

More Phone Scam Hacks

While it's hard to identify sometimes if a call you receive is a scam call, the good news is that scams operate in many known area codes, so you can avoid being the next victim simply by watching for known scam area codes. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

Now that you know that piece of information, keep it handy the next time you get a call from a number that you don't recognize. If you're getting way too many scam calls, click here to find out how to make them stop.

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