A pancake breakfast with locally made maple syrup is a delicious way to support Wesselman Woods.

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Photo courtesy of Wesselman Woods/ Canva
Photo courtesy of Wesselman Woods/ Canva

The Largest Urban Old-Growth Forest

Wesselman Woods is truly a gem located right in the heart of Evansville.  But what is unique about Wesselman Woods is that it is considered the largest urban old-growth forest in the United States.  Wesselman Woods is known for it's many educational programs, trails, events, and more.  One of my personal favorite events that Wesselman Woods hosts every year is the Maple Sugarbush Festival.

Maple Syrup Made in Evansville

Every year Wesselman Woods celebrates the Maple Sugarbush Festival and Pancake Breakfast, which is a fun event where you can see how sap is turned into maple syrup and enjoy all-you-can-eat pancakes.   You can even purchase maple syrup that was made right there at Wesselman Woods during the event.

Wesselman Woods
Wesselman Woods

46th Annual Maple Sugarbush Festival

The 46th annual Maple Sugarbush Festival will take place on March 2nd and 3rd from 7  AM to 1 PM each day.  Of course, the highlight of the event is getting to enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast, and getting to top your pancakes with locally made maple syrup! But there are plenty of activities to keep you busy during the Maple Sugarbush Festival.

Attendees have many activities to choose from after they eat: Experience the sugar maple tree tapping and distillation processes first-hand during guided hikes. Enjoy several educational activity booths as well as animal encounters. Explore over four miles of trails and the five-acre Nature Playscape and Bernhardt Family Bird Sanctuary.

All proceeds from the event go directly towards the work of Wesselman Woods

Tickets are sold in time slots to help with crowd flow, and you can purchase your tickets through Wesselman Woods' website, here.  You can also purchase tickets at the Nature Center in person.


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