The Thanksgiving holiday is designed for us to take a step back from the daily grind, take stock in, and appreciate all the good we have in our lives with family and friends. I'll go ahead and assume most, if not all of those get-togethers, will feature a variety of different alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy. Just know that if you decide to get behind the wheel of your car afterward, Indiana law enforcement agencies are going to be looking for you.

I'll admit that I plan to knock back a few beers or mixed drinks at the various family gatherings I'll be attending over the weekend. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that unless you plan on getting behind the wheel and driving home when you're done. That's when what was a fun night enjoying the company of your friends and/or family could turn into something more serious, and definitely no fun. While I'd like to think most of us will have a plan in place to get home safely once the parties are over, I know there will be people on the roads who thought they'd "be fine" to drive home. Fortunately, the Indiana State Police (ISP) will also be on the roads over the weekend to get those who think they're "fine" off of them.

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The ISP recently announced they will be joining law enforcement agencies across the Hoosier State this weekend to increase patrols and look for drivers who are clearly having a hard time keeping their vehicles between the lines of the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),

...impaired driving and fatal crashes spike during the Thanksgiving holiday. In 2021, 190 people throughout the nation died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes in the holiday travel period ranging from the day before Thanksgiving to the Monday following Thanksgiving.

Options for Getting Home Safely


The easiest thing is to pick a designated driver before the first drink hits your lips. This could be a friend or family member who doesn't drink (for me and my wife, that's our 17-year-old daughter), or is willing to "take one for the team." Other options include booking an Uber or Lyft, both of which are available in most counties across the state, or calling a taxi to get you home.

[Source: Indiana State Police / NHTSA]

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