It's time to settle the debate: Should you tuck your jeans into cowboy boots? Personally, I have never tucked my jeans into my boots, and neither has my wife. While we were living in Tennessee and southern Kentucky, it was very rare to see the phenomenon, but here in Indiana, it seems much more common. Just last weekend, I saw several people with their jeans tucked into their boots while shopping at Rural King. The experience was enough to spark a deep dive into the dos and don'ts of western wear.

According to boot manufacturer Ariat, men should only tuck their jeans into boots when the situation demands it. In essence, the practice is simply meant to protect the bottom of your pants. Unless you're going to be out working in the mud, riding a horse, or riding a motorcycle, there really is no practical reason to tuck your pants into your boots. Personally, I could care less if my jeans or boots get dirty while working in my yard, but if I had to choose between cleaning my jeans or leather boots, I'd choose my jeans every time.

Unlike men, Ariat indicates that women seem to have a little more fashion freedom. The boot maker notes that women often wear skinny jeans or leggings inside their cowboy boots as a way to show off their footwear. However, according to Country View Western Store, tucking your jeans into your boots can be acceptable in a variety of situations for both men and women. For example, if your cowboy boots have a wider opening, then tucking your jeans inside them may be more comfortable. Sadly, with my calves, this is not an option.

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I can see why both men and women would want to tuck their jeans into their boots. After all, why wouldn't you want to show off your new western wear? For me, I don't plan to make any fashion changes, and you shouldn't feel obligated to either. If you like tucking your jeans into your boots, then go for it. I really don't think anyone is going to stop you.

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