One website claims that they have found the best swimming hole in Indiana. On top of swimming, it has an inflatable obstacle course and scuba diving! . Have you ever been there?

As you know, there are no shortages of swimming holes in Indiana. Whether it be a private lake that you and your friends frequent or one of the more popular lakes scattered throughout the state, there are a lot of options to choose from. Since summer is right around the corner, now is as good of a time as ever to talk about Indiana swimming holes. We all have our go-to swimming holes that we visit throughout the summer, most of them are located fairly close to where we live. Personally, my go-to swimming hole is Scales Lake in Boonville...mainly because it is like five minutes from my house. But if you want to try out a new swimming hole in Indiana that might require some traveling, you might as well visit the one that was named the best in the state, right?

Recently, the website Cheapism found the best swimming hole in each state based on online rankings and reviews from visitors. Swimming holes are great, natural alternatives to chlorinated pools, but, as Cheapism warns, many of these areas do not have lifeguards like public pools do. So that means that you need to swim with caution. However, lifeguards can be found at Indiana's best swimming hole.

This Hidden Gem is Indiana's Best Swimming Hole

According to CheapismFrance Park in Logansport is the best swimming hole in Indiana. This abandoned rock quarry features an area for swimming, scuba diving, and an inflatable obstacle course!

Here's what Cheapism had to say:

An abandoned quarry is the home of this Logansport swimming spot about an hour and a half north of Indianapolis. With a sandy beach surrounded by beautiful cliffs, France Park is also a destination for scuba divers and campers. The gate fee is $5 per person.

While Cheapism claims that France Park is the best swimming hole in the state, last year another source said that another swimming hole is the best in Indiana. You can find out which one that was by clicking here. I have to say, both look awesome. I can't decide which one is really the best. Only one way to find out...ROAD TRIP!!!

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