A recent study found that Indiana is home to one of the safest small cities in the country. Do you think you know what it is?

When you think of Indiana overall, you don't really associate it with crime. Sure, criminal acts happen all of the time, but that's not typically the stereotype that goes with Indiana. I mean Indiana isn't even one of the top ten most dangerous states in the country. That being said, we still see so much on the news about crime, and the increasing amounts of criminal activity across the state. It makes you stop and take a look at your area and wonder how safe it actually is. Well, as it turns out, if you live in one Indiana city, you are in luck when it comes to safety because it's the third safest small city in the entire country.


Indiana City Ranks 3rd in Safest Small Cities and Towns in the US 2024

MoneyGeek recently released a list of the safest small cities and towns in the country for 2024. How did they do that? Well, according to the website:

Money Geek analyzed crime statistics by quantifying the cost of crime and ranking 1,010 small cities and towns nationwide and in every state. Data on violent crimes such as murder, rape and aggravated assault are included, as well as property crimes such as burglaries and car theft.
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Now that we got that part out of the way, the third safest small city in America is Zionsville, Indiana. A few statistics that MoneyGeek, Zionsville has a violent crime rate of 15, a property crime rate of 668, and a total cost crime cost (in millions) of $1,655,

Does this surprise you at all? Do you feel like there was a better choice? You can learn more about the safest small cities in America for 2024 by clicking here.

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