Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making a ton of headlines lately as society learns more about its capabilities and how it will shape the future. While the technology is incredible, the more we hear about its ability to mimic voices and create pictures that can say and show anything someone wants them to, it does feel like we're inching closer and closer to The Terminator movies becoming more like documentaries. With that said, it is fun to tinker around with which is what I did recently with the first AI service to make headlines over the past several months, ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is like Google or Siri, but seemingly far more advanced. Unlike those platforms that show you existing information for whatever question you have, ChatGPT creates it right in front of your eyes using the "knowledge" it as been given by its creators. Want it to write a short story in the form of a famous author? Just ask it. In a matter of seconds, it will start creating a story that looks and reads like it came from the mind of Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, or Mark Twain.

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Write Your Biography

Recently, a coworker of mine told me she asked ChatGPT to create a bio for her after finding out someone else she knew did the same thing. Now, I may not be entirely accurate here, but my understanding is that ChatGPT scours the entire internet to create an answer or complete whatever task you ask of it. The reason I mention that is that as someone who's been a radio personality for 25 years, I've written thousands of articles for this website, sharing parts of my personal life in several of them, which gave ChatGPT a solid amount of information to pull from.

Ryan O'Bryan
Ryan O'Bryan

This is me, by the way. Hi.

I simply asked it to "write a bio about Ryan O'Bryan" and in about 30 seconds, it spit out 240 words, some of which were surprisingly accurate, and some that weren't even close. Let's break it down and separate fact from fiction.

Ryan O'Bryan is a highly respected and accomplished journalist, broadcaster, and media personality based in the United States. He was born and raised in the midwestern state of Indiana, where he developed a passion for storytelling and communication from an early age.

True or False: Partially True

It's true that I am a broadcast, media personality, born and raised here in Indiana, and knew this is what I wanted to do at an early age (I knew in middle school I wanted to be on the radio). "Highly respected and accomplished" is a bit of a stretch though.

I'm not sure where it got the idea that I'm a journalist. My guess is it's from the aforementioned "thousands of articles" I've written for this site. But to me, a journalist is someone hitting the streets, talking to people, and looking for that next story. I'm not doing that.

After graduating from high school, Ryan attended Indiana University, where he studied journalism and broadcasting. While in college, he honed his skills as a writer, reporter, and broadcaster by working for the student newspaper and radio station.

True or False: Slightly True

I did study broadcasting in college, but not journalism. However, I did it at the University of Southern Indiana, not Indiana University. I also did not work for the student newspaper, but I did work for the campus radio station for a few semesters.

Upon graduation, Ryan began his professional career as a news reporter for a local television station in Indiana. Over the years, he has worked for several other news organizations, covering a wide range of stories and events.

True or False: False

While I have been interviewed by local TV news and appeared on a couple of their local shows over the years, I have never worked as a news reporter for any TV station anywhere in the state of Indiana, or any other state for that matter. I have no idea how it came up with this.

Ryan is perhaps best known for his work as a radio host, where he has developed a loyal following of listeners. He is known for his engaging and informative interviews with a variety of guests, ranging from politicians and celebrities to everyday people with extraordinary stories to tell.

True or False: Mostly True

I'm best known for my work as a radio host because that's been my job for 25 years. Whether or not I've developed a "loyal following of listeners" or am known for my "engaging and informative interviews" is debatable. Although, I have interviewed politicians, celebrities (mostly musicians), and everyday people (usually those affiliated with local non-profits).

In addition to his work in broadcasting, Ryan is also a skilled writer, with several published articles and essays to his name. He is passionate about storytelling and believes that everyone has a unique story to tell.

True or False: Mostly True

"Skilled" writer may be pushing it, but I technically do have several published articles and essays. 99.9% of which are on this website. I wouldn't say I'm "passionate" about storytelling or believe that everyone has a unique story to tell, but I've shared a wide variety of articles on a number of different topics and subjects where I can understand why it thinks that.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, exploring new places, and volunteering in his community. He is a dedicated and compassionate person who is committed to making a positive impact on the world around him.

True or False: Mostly True

I do like spending time with my wife and two teenage kids, and we do try and go places on vacation we've not been before, so that's accurate. I also do enjoy the time I spend volunteering at non-profit events. Am I a "dedicated and compassionate person who is committed to making a positive impact on the world around him?" I don't know about all that. I think the AI embellished a bit to make me sound more important than I am. I just try to stay in my own lane, help those who can't help themselves when I can, and not take myself seriously. If that's the fancy way to say it, then I guess I am.

I'll admit, I was impressed with what ChatGPT was able to put together based on a simple request. I think the reason it fluffed it up a bit in some places was that I asked for a bio, so it wrote it like one. If you're interested in what it comes up with for you, give it a try here.

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