From the ghosts of Mammoth Cave to haunted graves, a new book dives into some of Kentucky's most infamous legends.

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Haunted Kentucky

There are few things I enjoy more than a good old-fashioned ghost story.  If you tell me a place is haunted, I want to know everything.  Who is haunting this place?  Why is it haunted?  What happened here?  Spill. The. Ghostly. Tea.  So when I heard there was a new book all about ghosts in the Commonwealth, I had to check it out!

Ghost Stories & Graveyard Tales: Kentucky

Author Allen Sircy is no stranger to haunted history.  One look at his author page on Amazon and you'll find dozens of titles all about hauntings of different places. Allen seems to have a great interest in southern ghost stories specifically.  From Louisville, Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee to  New Orleans, Louisiana, and everything in between, Allen is no stranger to legends of the Southern region of the United States.


His latest release focuses on the Bluegrass State. In September Ghost Stories & Graveyard Tales: Kentucky was released.  According to the summary of this book, you'll hear many legends from the commonwealth, some well-known, and others may be brand new to you.

Unearth the chilling and spine-tingling history of the Bluegrass State in "Ghost Stories & Graveyard: Kentucky." This captivating book delves deep into the shadowy realms of Kentucky's haunted past, where restless spirits, unexplained creatures, and bizarre events have left indelible marks on the landscape.

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited, but if you want to purchase a copy, the book is listed on Amazon for $19.99.  You can see the full listing, here. Just remember, this is one you may want to read with the lights on!

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