One week after sharing the news that they had no choice but to delay the opening date of their new location on the Main Street Walkway by eight to ten weeks, the owners of the popular adult arcade and bar, High School Saloon, announced on Facebook they could open sooner thanks to the generosity of another locally owned business.

Opened in 2017, High Score Saloon offers visitors over the age of 21 who love playing video games (like me) old-school video games, pinball machines, and home gaming consoles to play free of charge while they enjoy a rotating selection of craft beers, wines, and cocktails from the bar.

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It had been located in the basement of 323 Main Street since opening and announced plans in October 2021 to move a couple of buildings down to 309 Main Street. Over the course of the past year and a half, the owners have kept fans up-to-date on the remodeling progress at the new location through social media while also continuing to operate the original location. On Saturday, May 6th, they shut the doors on the original location one last time with plans to open the new location by the end of the month.

New Location Opening Update

Those plans hit a snag when the owners announced on Facebook that despite making sure every step of the process was reviewed numerous times, they were told the new location would need " a complete fire alarm and monitoring system" installed before they could be granted their certificate of occupancy. The process would take eight to ten weeks to complete due to supply chain issues and scheduling an installation time which would push their opening date back to sometime in August at best.

Fast-forward seven days and it appears the business has been thrown a life preserver thanks to the generosity of another Evansville business.

Earlier this week, the owners announced in a new Facebook post that Business Communications Services, LLC reached out to say they had the equipment needed for the installation in stock and could have it done sooner. After filling out the required paperwork, the installation is set to begin "very soon," and barring any unforeseen issues, the plan is to open the new location in early to mid-June.

I'm a big believer in karma. If you do good things, good things will come back to you eventually, and this is proof that's true. Since opening more than five years ago, the owners of High Score Saloon have given back to the community through numerous fundraisers for a variety of organizations. It's nice to see that goodwill returned to them.

This is no doubt exciting news for the owners and for High Score Saloon fans like myself who can't wait to check out the new location once the doors officially open.

[Source: High Score Saloon on Facebook]

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