This week's Vanderburgh Humane Society Pet of the Week spends her days waiving down potential adopters because she's so ready for her forever home.

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All Makes and Models-Certified Preowned!

The Vanderburgh Humane Society (VHS) in Evansville has pets of all shapes and sizes. Or, as Executive Director, Kendall Paul likes to say when she stops by the studio on Thursdays, "all makes and models, and all certified pre-owned." They also have them in all ages, from puppies and kittens that are weeks old to dogs and cats who have been around awhile. So there is a very good likelihood that the VHS will have a pet that fits your lifestyle! Each week we feature a pet of the week with the VHS, and this week we've got a cat who wants to find her forever home.

Meet Lucy Lou

Sweet Lucy-Lou is a one-year-old cat who is so ready for her forever home that she waives down potential adopters and will even try blocking the door.  So far her antics haven't worked, but maybe getting her some radio exposure will help!


Here is what the VHS has to say about Lucy-Lou:

This is one-year-old Lucy Lou and she REALLY wants you to pick her. She keeps waiving down potential adopters and blocking the door to not let anyone out, but her tactics haven’t seemed to work. Not only is she cute, she’s also great with other pets and people—We’re amazed she’s still here! Adoption fees for cats, kittens and pups 6 months and older are 1/2 off until this Saturday! Her $50 adoption includes her spay, microchip and up-to-date vaccinations. Apply for online at

If you're interested in learning about Lucy Lou you can meet her at the VHS, or fill out an adoption application online!

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