I imagine most of us take water for granted. Whenever we turn on the faucet to get something to drink, to wash our clothes, to wash ourselves, to cook, or whatever, we not only trust that water will come out, we trust it will be clean and safe to use. Unfortunately, for many people around the world, and even right here in the U.S., including the Tri-State, that's a luxury they don't have for one reason or another. Since the early 1980s, the global non-profit organization, Water for People, has made it its mission to make sure everyone, regardless of where they live or their financial situation, has access to this basic necessity. Like all non-profits, they can't do it alone and rely on public donations to support their mission by asking for donations or hosting events like the upcoming benefit concert at the Victory Theater in downtown Evansville.

Chris Cagle to Play Annual Water for People Benefit Concert in Evansville

For the second year in a row, Evansville's Water for People benefit show is going country, and this time they're bringing in Chris Cagle to headline the show.

After scraping by in Nashville for a few years, like so many artists do when they move to Music City to pursue their dream of becoming a Country singer-songwriter, Chris released his debut album, Play It Loud in October of 2000 which featured his first top 20 single, "My Love Goes On and On."

He's released five more albums since then and continues to do shows around the country, which includes his stop at the Victory Theater in downtown Evansville on Thursday, September 21st.

The show starts at 7:00 PM Central and will also feature local favorites, Whiskey Row from western Kentucky as the opening act. Tickets are available now for only $30 each at the Ford Center box office as well as through Ticketmaster.

To learn more about the mission of Water for People and to make a donation, visit WaterForPeople.org.

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