Leave the kids at home! Wine, chocolate, and bourbon...all of which are themes for these adult-only train rides in Southern Indiana.

The French Lick Scenic Railway hosts several family-friendly events throughout the year that include the Dinosaur Adventure Train, Summer Splash Bash Train Ride, and the Polar Express Train Ride. If you have ever been a part of any of these fun events at the French Lick Scenic Railway, you know how memorable and entertaining they are. While these events are happening in 2024 again, and they are fun for the whole family, wouldn't it be nice to have a day like that just for adults? Well, as it turns out, there is an adults-only train ride at the French Lick Scenic Railway this summer that you might want to check out and add to your summertime bucket list.

French Lick Scenic Railway
French Lick Scenic Railway

Adult-Only Train Excursions at French Lick Scenic Railway

Throughout the year, French Lick Scenic Railway plays host to adult-only train rides that feature a few things that most adults enjoy, a great time with friends along with bourbon, wine, and chocolate. Let's take a look at these can't-miss adult-only train rides!

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Wine Tasting Train

A wine tasting train excursion is a unique and delightful experience that combines the charm of a scenic train journey with the pleasure of tasting exquisite wines. Gourmet small plates, prepared by skilled chefs, are paired with carefully selected wines, enhancing the flavors and creating a symphony for the senses.

Remaining 2024 dates for the Wine Tasting Train:

  • Friday, September 27, 2024
Close-up of four people's hands toasting with wine glasses

Bourbon Tasting Train

Don’t miss your chance to ride in style on board the French Lick Scenic Railroad Bourbon Tasting Train. Sit back and sip some of the finest bourbons while relaxing to the rhythm of the rail during this adult only ride. Each bourbon is carefully paired with a tasting-sized dish that highlights the complexity of flavors from our choice bourbons. Enjoy American favorites and Kentucky originals during this one of a kind experience.

The next (and final) Bourbon Tasting Train will be on Friday, September 6, 2024.

Old fashioned classic cocktail drink in crystal glass on bar counter.

Chocolate Tasting Train

Immerse yourself in the flavorful world of chocolate on our unique chocolate tasting train. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream. Our trip offers a rare, intense, and decadent experience; as you discover the thrilling sensation of chocolate. Passengers will taste and learn how to engage their senses and try a variety of chocolate paired with chocolate confections and cocktails.

There are still several dates coming up this year to take part in the Chocolate Tasting Train Rides:

  • Saturday, June 29, 2024
  • Saturday, July 13, 2024
  • Saturday, September 7, 2024
  • Saturday, September 28, 2024
chocolate truffle candy background - focus only on front truffles

Earlier this year, French Lick Scenic Railway hosted two first-time-ever events. They had a Beer Tasting Train and a Tequila Tasting Train. Both of these were highly successful, so hopefully they will return next year! You can learn more about these 21 and over train rides by clicking here. However, if you are looking for some family-friendly events with the French Lick Scenic Railway, you can check out what they have to offer by clicking here.

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