It's St. Patrick's Day Weekend, which means green, alcoholic liquids of all types will be flowing at Tri-State bars and restaurants. To make sure you, and everyone else, parties safely, the Indiana State Police have announced they'll be setting up a sobriety checkpoint somewhere in Posey County over the weekend.

According to the Indiana State Police, the checkpoint will be set up Friday night. By design, the exact location or time of the checkpoint is being kept secret. It's hard to catch drunk drivers if they know what area to avoid.

Police also encourage drivers to call 911 anytime they see a driver they believe to be impaired.

Of course, if you intend on enjoying some St. Patrick's Day festivities, have a plan to get home before you start; whether that's assigning a designated driver, getting an Uber or Lyft, calling a cab. And don't forget, Logan's Promise is offering their Free Cab Ride Home program all weekend long for Posey County residents, as well as those who live in Vanderburgh, Warrick, and Gibson Counties.

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