One good deed deserves another, right?

A waitress at a Wall, N.J. diner who coughed up the cash for her customer's bill got paid in a way she never could have imagined.

Darlene Andamasaria, who was left several damaged teeth following a car accident six years ago, was waiting on Kevin Moseman and his wife at the diner where she works six months ago when they got to talking.

Moseman says he could sense she was sad and encouraged her to talk about what was weighing her down, so she did. Andamasaria was so appreciative of the time they took to hear her out that she paid their bill, which came out to $20.22 because "222" have a special meaning in her life, since they were her father's lucky numbers.

"After he passed away, he said if you ever see ‘222’ I’ll be thinking of you," she said.

The best was yet to come, though. Moseman is a dentist, so a few weeks later he brought her to his office and fixed her teeth. Free of charge. "I just felt like we had to," he said.

And that's something to make everyone smile.

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