As residents across the Tri-State begin to assess the damage from flood waters caused by last week's heavy rains, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is reminding those residents, as well as those of us who escaped unscathed, to do our due diligence before sending money to an individual or company claiming to be helping flood victims.

In a statement released to media across the state, Hill strongly encourages Hoosiers "to double check a company’s name, reputation, history and authenticity before writing a check to a person claiming to represent such a business.” These scam artists will generally make themselves appear to be with a home improvement company offering assistance on repairing or replacing damaged property.

Hill's office offered the following tips to avoid falling for one of these scams:

  • Avoid agreeing to any repair or restoration work on the spot during initial contact with someone offering services – this includes contracts.
  • Avoid signing any legally binding agreements without first gathering information and researching a business being represented.
  • Obtain information about the individual offering his or her services. Research the company the individual claims to represent.
  • Look for signs of credibility such as an official website.
  • Seek reviews and testimonials from former customers.

If you, or someone you know, believe you've been targeted or fallen victim to a scam, contact the Attorney General's office at 1-800-382-5516, or online through the office's official website.

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