President Donald Trump signed an executive order over the weekend placing a temporary ban on immigrants and refugees from seven foreign countries from entering the United States causing protests at airports across the country. Several Congressmen and women representing the state of Indiana in both the U.S. House and Senate shared their thoughts on the ban through social media.

While not all of the states representatives and senators have made public statements on where they stand, here's what those that have had to say.

State Representatives

Representative Larry Buschon (R - 8th District)

Buschon is in favor of the restrictions until a "verifiable vetting system is in place", according to the Indianapolis Star, and added "legal permanent residents or those whose refugee status or visas have previously been approved" should not be affected.

Representative André Carson (D - 7th District)

Representative Luke Messer (R - 6th District)

In a statement to the Indianapolis Star, Representative Messer supported the measure saying in part, "This is a pause, not a ban, while we work to ensure the U.S. has effective vetting processes in place to protect Americans from terrorist threats...President Trump is right to prioritize American safety until we get this done."

Representative Susan W. Brooks (R - 5th District)

Representative Todd Rokita (R - 4th District)

Rokita released a statement through his official website on Monday which reads,

While the United States has a proud tradition of welcoming refugees into our country, we cannot ignore the high-threat environment that exists in the world. This is not a ban on Muslim refugees, as the order specifically targets a select few nations with known terrorist networks and is similar to an executive order signed by President Obama without controversy in 2011. The President and his administration must now focus on the execution of this order, ensuring that it is implemented effectively and fairly.

Representative Jim Banks (R - 3rd District)

Banks' spokeswoman, Anna Swick, told the Indianapolis Star the Congressman supports "tightening the vetting process," and is currently studying the order to learn more about its implementation.

Representative Jackie Walorski, (R - 2nd District)

The Congresswoman released a statement through her website Monday morning which read, in part,

The temporary suspension of the refugee program and admission of individuals from countries where terrorism poses an elevated threat will allow our national security officials to examine the vetting process and strengthen safeguards to prevent terrorists from entering our homeland.

I hope the administration provides greater clarity in the coming days on its implementation of the order and its review of vetting procedures.

Representative Pete Visclosky (D - 1st District)

State Senators

Senator Joe Donnelly (D)

Senator Todd Young (R)

Senator Young released a statement to Indianapolis media outlets (Fox 59 and the Indianapolis Star) in which he stated keeping the American people safe is the most important job of the federal government, while also saying he was in the process of "carefully analyzing" the order to ensure Iraqis and Afghanis who "supported our troops and who face threats to their safety -- and who do not represent a terrorist threat -- are able to come to the United States."

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