Have you ever done CPR on a goldfish? Neither have I. There is one Illinois man that has though. He seriously saved his goldfish named Clarence from choking on a plant.

Here's the brief backstory about how this lifesaving video happened:

Luke Hagopian, 20, saved his pet goldfish Clarence after finding he had swallowed a chunk of plant just after midnight. The Deerfield, Illinois, USA resident successfully removed a large chunk of plant from the Crown Pearlscale Goldfish’s mouth and placed him back into his tank so he could swim about the rest of his day.

Congrats to Luke on being the most observant goldfish owner in history.

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Based on the video share, this video that just dropped on YouTube was seen over 30 million times on Luke's page. That's a lot of goldfish fans.

This is apparently not a rare occurrence at all. Aquarium Advice had a discussion about this years ago as another owner had a goldfish that nearly choked on a small rock in the tank. They did the same maneuver on their fish that Luke did. Perhaps there should be an aquarium merit badge created? It's just a thought.

All's well that ends well and Luke's goldfish is happily back swimming in the tank and we all know a little more than we used to about saving fish from choking.

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