An escaped horse that was lost ends up in a bar in Illinois.

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Lost Horse Wonders Into An Illinois Bar

The Best Kind Of Bars In Illinois

If I had to pick my favorite kind of bar in Illinois, I would definitely say a neighborhood small-town bar. Those are always amazing. Great food. Affordable prices. Fun people watching. Plus, you're never quite sure what will happen. You could easily witness some crazy antics.

Lost Horse Wonders Into An Illinois Bar

One Of The Oldest Joke Intros In Comedy History

I think most of us have either told or heard several different versions of the joke that starts out... "(fill in the blank) walked into a bar." It could be many different options including man, woman, doctor, priest, or hundreds of other choices. I wouldn't be surprised if most people thought this story was actually a joke. A horse walks into a bar.

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Lost Horse Wonders Into An Illinois Bar

This Is Not A Joke, Seriously A Horse Really Walked Into A Bar In Illinois

When I first read that a horse ended up at a bar, I thought the same thing. There's no way it's true. But lo and behold, it really happened. I admit that I was at a party in a bar in downtown Rockton and a guy rode his horse into the building. So when I found out it really did happen, I was very interested.

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Lost Horse Wonders Into An Illinois Bar

How Does A Horse End Up In A Small-Town Illinois Bar?

According to, 

A few days ago in a small Illinois town called Ashmore, something rather unusual happened. A couple of customers hanging out in a bar called Down The Street spotted a loose pony walking down the street. They assumed it escaped from its pen and was lost.

They were able to coral the pony in the bar so it wasn't wandering out in the middle of the street and in danger. As the animal was hanging out at Down The Street, it met many new friends and even had some water to drink.

Word got out quickly about the lost pony. You know how it is in a small town. So after, the owner came by the bar to pick up his animal. As any good friend would do for a buddy when they needed a ride home. I'm so glad it ended up as a happy story. It was nice for the pony to get out for a bit and enjoy life. Apparently, it does that quite often.

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