It really is amazing what you can find on Zillow.

Last week we had the viral "Poundtown" post from last week and this week we have something completely different.

The town of Carlinville, Illinois is located about halfway between Springfield and St. Louis. According to Zillow, there's a very nice family home available for a very reasonable $169,000.

The house is fully remodeled and is 2,750 sq.ft with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, and an open floor plan. It's honestly a very nice house if you're interested living in the middle of nowhere, which I know a lot of people are.

What makes this Zillow listing so unique is the fact that for some reason, the seller decided to have someone dress up as Michael Meyers from Halloween and have him appear in a handful of the photos.

It's never addressed in the Zillow post and he's only in some of them.

It's weird, but it made me write a post about it so I guess it worked.

Here's a look at all the times I found (I'm sure there are a few more, some of them are like playing Where's Waldo) Michael Meyers hanging out in a Zillow post.

Michael Meyers 'Haunts' An Illinois House On Zillow

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