Adam Kinzinger is a U.S. Representative for Illinois' 16th congressional district. About once a month Congressman Kinzinger takes some time out of his day to join us on WROK.

Today's interview was a little different from most that we've had with Congressman Kinzinger here on WROK. Usually these interviews are handled by Riley O'Neil, he knows roughly 1,000 times as much as I do about politics so I generally let the adults do the talking when we have the occasional political guest on the show.

Well, today Riley was out and I was the only one here to take the call when the Congressman called in. I explained to him that Riley was out and it was just me. If he wanted to reschedule it wasn't a problem, the ball was in his court. He quickly rebuffed my offer of a reschedule and said he and I could talk.

While I don't know too much about politics, I do follow it, I just can't understand it. I've always considered myself to be a man without a party, and if you don't have a team to root for in politics these days, the hypocritical whiplash can lay you out.

I know this political tribalism has been something that Congressman Kinzinger, much to the chagrin of some of his constituents and listeners, has spoken out on before. I'm sure one of the listeners that emails me to let me know they will never listen again because we had him on is probably reading this right now. Hi guys, appreciate the click.

I asked him about this and some other "problems" in the current political climate and the Congressman was, as always, earnest in his answers.

This isn't a Republican problem and it isn't a Democrat problem, it's a problem with the current political discourse in the country and if things don't change soon, it will be hard to fix.

I very much thank Congressman Kinzinger for his time and hope it's not our last discussion.

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