Nothing is worse than your phone ringing, and it's a number you don't know, so you answer it and BAM it's someone trying to scam you! Well after a class action lawsuit, you could be entitled to some money! 

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Have you ever gotten the phone call that has some nice person on the phone saying "congratulations! Because you stayed at one of our resorts you've won a free cruise!" which would be an awesome phone call to get if you actually got to go on that cruise for free, but in reality it's all a scam to get your credit card info.

Well now after a lawsuit you could be entitled to some money.  If you got a phone call between July of 2009, and March of 2014 saying you won a free cruise from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian, you could be eligible for up to $900!

All you have to do is check here. Since you probably don't have a log of every single phone call you've recieved for the last 8 years.  I checked, my number was not one that was a part of the law suit, but my husband's was! So he filed a claim. Let's be honest, it says he could potentially get up to $900, but I'm going to bet it's going to just be a couple dollars, but hey free money is free money, so it never hurts to check!

And if you actually want to win a legit contest for a cruise, you can sign up for our cruise giveaway with Chuckles here! And we promise if you win, you will not be asked to give us your credit card info (because that's how real contests work haha)!

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Photo Credit: Ashley Sollars