Bob Welsh is the aforementioned state trooper recalling this Christmas eve experience. He is an author and inspirational speaker, a poet and a storyteller. This particular story is pretty neat.

Mr. Welsh spent 30 years with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. You can imagine that during those years he witnessed too many horrible things to count, and on more than one occasion had to be the bearer of the worst news anyone could hear. Many years he had to work on Christmas eve. While this time of year is portrayed as the happiest time of the year for most, it can also be a heartbreaking season for some. In this eloquently woven tale, Welsh recalls his experience with one little girl that could have been one of those heartbreaking moments, but instead became a heartwarming and unforgettable Christmas eve.

If you liked that, you can see more of Bob Welsh's work on his YouTube channel. And if you like it enough to spend money on it, Welsh also has a few items for sale on his website.