Do you believe in ghosts? Second question, do you believe in deer? If you answered yes to both questions, would you be willing to believe in a ghost deer? That's what one family's security camera appears to show.

There is a possible explanation, but it still leaves questions. The guy in the video explains that they noticed something strange in the backyard from the previous night in an area where their dog is buried. It begins with what looks like a regular deer. However, watch the other side of the tree which should show the deer pass by on the left side.

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Let me put my skeptic hat on and say that it's a thick tree. Is it possible that he went off into the field behind their home and it's blocked by the tree? Sure. Is it likely? I would say no. I would expect to see SOME kind of sign of that deer either on the left side of the tree or perhaps in the distance if he really did head into the field directly 90 degrees from the tree.

Their dog, Bear, apparently loved to watch deer in their backyard. I watched closely for a possible edit in the video and couldn't see anything obvious. There are miscellaneous bugs passing through the security camera and I don't see anything weird as far as that being cut or edited.

Have we finally reached the point where the world of ghosts and deer have collided? Probably not, but you never know.

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