Evansville Shimmy Mob is a group of local women that raise awareness about domestic violence through fundraisers and good will donations in support of Albion Fellows Bacon Center. A group of local ladies, 22 this year, learn a belly dance choreography that has been selected for the current year. On World Belly Dance Day, May 13.

The Evansville Shimmy Mob will perform a short, pre-selected belly dance choreography followed by a domestic violence informative discussion and a Q&A at the Pet Food Center East (2920 N. Green River Rd) on May 13, at 1 pm.

On World Belly Dance Day, May 13th, they will travel around Evansville (in semi-flash mob style) to dance the short choreography, talk a bit about domestic violence and the services Albion offers, and then answer questions and take goodwill donations. They dress modestly (t-shirts and black dance/yoga pants), so it is a family friendly event.

For more information about Evansville Shimmy Mob, go to shimmymob.com, or contact Andrea Welsh at 618-246-4396 or via email, andrea.d.welsh@gmail.com.

Source: Andrea Welsh, Evansville Shimmy Mob


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