The 4th of July is a little over two weeks away, and by the sounds in my neighborhood, some of my neighbors have decided to get an early start on the celebration. What they probably don't know is they're in violation of Evansville Municipal Code 9.10.020. They're not the only ones, which is why the Evansville Police Department tweeted a little reminder to residents on Thursday on when they can, and can't, shoot off their fireworks.

Since the Municipal Code is written legal terms that can be a bit tricky to decipher for those of without a law degree (basically, most of us), the Police Department, for lack of a better term, "dumbed it down" into a fun little infographic.

Basically what this says is that if you're shooting off fireworks within the Evansville city limits any day before June 29th (like some of those in my neighborhood and others), you're in violation of the code, which according to Municipal Code 9.10.090 can result in a $25 fine for the first offense, $100 for the second, and $250 for the third and every subsequent violation thereafter.

Code 9.10.090 also states any discharge of fireworks that results in fire, and the damage caused by said fire is determined to be caused by negligence, the offender will be responsible for a fine "equal to the cost expended by the City to send fire suppression personnel and equipment to the location shall be assessed with said fine not exceeding $2,500."

Just something to keep in mind before you fire off that Roman Candle.

To see the complete code, which defines the various types of fireworks covered by said code, visit

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