Summers in the Evansville area can get nasty quick with increased temperatures and humidity especially in cars with rolled up windows. This has prompted the Evansville Police Department to remind the public just how hot a car can get and why it's never OK to leave your kids in there alone while you run a quick errand.

National Highway Traffic and Safety Association (NHTSA), a car’s windows act like a greenhouse, trapping sunlight and heat causing the temperature to rise quickly as illustrated by the graphic below tweeted by the EPD.

The NHTSA citied a study by the Medical College of Wisconsin which states,

Children’s bodies have greater surface area to body mass ratio, so they absorb more heat on a hot day (and lose heat more rapidly on a cold day). Further, children have a considerably lower sweating capacity than adults, and so they are less able to dissipate body heat by evaporative sweating and cooling.

So even if you just need to run into the convenience store to pay for gas, or grab a drink, take the kids out of the car and into the store with you regardless of how much of a hassle it may be. Better safe than sorry.

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