Evansville Police Department now has a public registry of all animal cruelty offenders. Here's how to view it.

pet shalter

Animal cruelty is a major problem in society, and often times it leads to something more. Animal rights advocates have been putting pressure on the laws to make the punishments for animal cruelty more than what they are.  Up until recently, laws on animal abuse were fairly lenient. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of animal lovers, and our very own EPD, there's now a registry of animal offenders.

This registry will be a great asset to not only the local rescues in town, but also to breeder, and to pet owners. You always want to make sure your pets are in the best care.

Here's how to access the registry:

  1. Go to EvansvillePolice.com
  2. Click on "Humane Officer report" on the left hand side of the page
  3. There you will be able to click on "2017 animal offenders" where it will bring up a list of people who were convicted of animal cruelty, and their charges.

This has been a long time coming, and I'm so thankful to all who worked hard to put this into action!

A huge thanks to Hoosiers Unite for Animal Rights, this Facebook page is great to follow if you want to make sure to stay up to date on Indiana laws regarding animal abuse.

A big thanks to all involved for making this a reality! And no worries, Missy Mosby of the city council is already working to get this implemented in other cities, so hopefully soon, more will have this!  A huge thanks to her and all her hard work for getting this going!

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