This week (April 14-20) is MOVE OVER week, referring to the Indiana law that requires drivers to move to a different lane when passing an 'emergency vehicle.'

Of course you are a responsible, law-abiding citizen, so you already do this...right? But what exactly does 'emergency vehicle' mean? You might be surprised to learn (I know I was) what vehicles are included in this law.

Our friends from the Evansville Police Department were kind enough to share/re-share the detail verbiage with us. It's probably worth a quick read to make sure you aren't breaking the law the next time you hit the road.

In addition to police, fire and EMT, you also need to move over if you see the following vehicles on the side of the road...

  • stationary recovery vehicles
  • stationary utility service vehicles
  • stationary solid waste haulers
  • stationary road, street, or highway maintenance vehicles
  • stationary survey or construction vehicles

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