Today during a press conference EPD addressed concerns over road closures, and safety in preparation for President Trump's visit. Here's what you need to know:

When the president comes to your city, it's kind of a big deal! There's lots of security concerns, as well as road closures to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. Due to President Trump's visit the area around the Ford Center and Old National Events Plaza will be closed to the public. So you will want to take an alternate route if your commute involves that area.

Here's a few notes from the press conference you definitely will want to remember

  • Public parking is available in the locations listed here.
  • Arrive early and give yourself plenty of time.
  • If your commute involves downtown, please be courteous of others, and anticipate much more traffic than normal.
  • If a road is blocked off, you can ask the uniformed officer to tell you a different route, but please do not argue with them, they are just doing their job.
  • Don't bring big purses/bags holds up the security lines, just bring your tickets, ID, credit card, keys, money etc.. only the necessities.
  • Umbrellas are not permitted inside the Ford Center, if it's raining wear a poncho
  • There will be a public area where it will be safe for people to peacefully protest if they wish to do so, those details will be coming soon.
  • You will be able to watch President Trump's motorcade as it heads downtown, but you will need to be on the sidewalk or viewing from a public area, however the route for the motorcade has not been announced.

Please remember our officers are just doing their job, and doing their best to work along with the secret service to make sure that everyone involved is safe from the public to the officers, to the President himself. Please just be respectful of each other.

Watch the full press conference below!


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