Congratulations to Kimberly Bredemeier, the new Executive Director of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra.

She's not completely new to the role though - according to WNIN, Bredemeier has served as the "acting" Executive Director since December and was the Director of Operations for 15 seasons with EPO.


In a news release, Board President Mark Powers said, "[Bredemeier] presented the ideal profile in all relevant areas, given her education as well as extensive experience with the EPO.”

September 21 is the annual gala fundraiser for EPO. This year's theme is “VENETIAN MASQUERADE” and will be held at Old National Bank. Saturday, September 28 is the first concert of the 2019-2020 season. Tickets are available now with a special discount available to those 18-39 years old through CLUB 18│39, a FREE program that allows 18–39 ages to get discounted best available seats to Evansville Philharmonic Classics or Pops concerts (limit 2 tickets per member per concert). If you’re 18–39, you can register for CLUB 18│39 for free. There is no joiner or membership fee for this program.

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