The 95th annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival runs from October 3rd through October 8th, meaning thousands upon thousands of people will descend upon Franklin Street to enjoy a wide variety of food, rides, and entertainment. It also means traffic will be more congested than normal in that area, which has prompted the Evansville Police Department to make a couple of tweaks you need to be aware of.

The following three announcements were made by an EPD representative during the Nut Club's annual Media Night Dinner Monday evening.

St. Joe Avenue Speed Limit

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For 51 weeks of the year, the speed limit heading north on St. Joe Avenue from the Lloyd Expressway is 30 miles per hour. Beginning on the first day of the Festival, that will be reduced to 20 miles per hour from the Lloyd Expressway to Delaware Street.

Congestion at Wabash Avenue of Flags and the Lloyd Expressway

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Due to the sheer volume of traffic expected for the Fall Festival, the EPD is asking residents either heading to the Festival, or just trying to get to the west side from the east, to be mindful of their speed as they cross over Fulton Avenue and begin heading up the hill over Pigeon Creek. Often times traffic at the intersection of Wabash Avenue of Flags and the Lloyd can be slow going and get backed up easily as people try to find a place to park somewhere close to Franklin Street. Since the intersection sits at the bottom of the hill, those traveling at a high rate of speed could come over the top of the hill to find traffic at a dead stop, forcing them to slam on the breaks to avoid rear-ending another vehicle.

The EPD representative on hand at Media Night said the Department has been in discussions with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) about installing a digital sign at the top the hill to warn drivers about the potential of slowed or stopped traffic.

Don't Block Driveways and Alleyways

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The final announcement wasn't so much a change as it was a reminder there are people who live in and around the vicinity of Franklin Street who, like the rest of us, would like to retreat to the comfort of home after a day at the office. This is likely they're least favorite week of the year as traffic multiplies ten-fold over the six days of the Festival, so don't make it any more stressful for them to try and get home by parking your vehicle in front of their driveway.

Of course the point of these announcements is to ensure everyone heading to the west side for the Fall Festival can have an enjoyable time without risking injury, so be courteous and pay close attention to your surroundings when your in the area next week.