Women sometimes do things that men perceive as crazy. You might think they're crazy, but they serve a purpose to us somehow. Maybe, just maybe, you don't understand it and that's why you think it's crazy. Either way, here are 8 things that women do that men classify as crazy:

1) Saying We Don't Need Something When We Do
Women like to preserve our independent nature, guys. Women are strong! So when you ask us if we need help carrying in about thirteen shopping bags and we say, “No thanks,” we actually mean, “Just go ahead and grab the bags, dude, that would be nice.” I know, it's weird and confusing but we really don't like to admit that we need help, especially when we desperately need help.

2) Changing Our Hair A Million Times
One day we will talk about how we are growing out our hair, because we love the way that it looks on a girl we know at work. The next day, we come home with a new shoulder length bob we're ecstatic about, but then later cry about because we want our hair back. From the outside, we can see how this may seem insane, but it isn't. You just don't get it. We agonize about our hair. AGONIZE. Hair is life, duh!

3) We Take 500 Selfies To Only Post 3
This is a little bit ridiculous, admittedly, but it's all about getting the right image and projecting the right message. It's not just a selfie, it's a message. This photo of me smiling with a kitty filter on isn't just cute, it's showing everyone that I'm playful yet slightly goofy and happy. Also, you can't just post a selfie that doesn't have the right message, vibe, look, lighting, and angle or why even post one?

4) PMS Problems
Hello there, boyfriend! Yes, we are aware that its currently 12 a.m., but we need doughnuts, please. Sorry you were sleeping, but we can't drive to get doughnuts ourselves because we are cramping. We don't just want doughnuts, our bodies demand doughnuts. We don't care that the doughnut shops are closed either, nor do our bodies. Also, if you don't go get our doughnuts right now, we might sob uncontrollably or fly into a blind rage. Hormones, man. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Hey, at least we aren't pregnant because you can enjoy eight additional months and three weeks of this...

5) Making Promises To Ourselves That We Never Keep
Most women generally have the best of intentions. We really do want to get up at 5am and go exercise, and dang it we are going too! We tell you all about how we are going to do it and we even lay out our clothes and shoes. Then when lying in bed that night, thoughts creep in. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't run tomorrow. I can start the next day! I already have everything ready! I'll do it the day after. The day after never comes either, as you know. Yet, we still tell you all about our promises we never keep.

6) We Love For Someone Else To Wash Our Hair or Do Our Nails
Generally, men don't like to be touched much by strangers. Women typically don't either, but it depends on the situation. Most women love going to get their hair done, and love having someone else wash their hair. It's so relaxing, soothing, and marks something off of our to do list that day. It's the same way with having our nails done. Women love pampering services!

Hairdresser Cutting Hair
Lumina Stock

7) We Need Attention and Affection More Frequently
Sometimes men just don't understand the importance of a well timed hug, or a well placed hand (on our thigh, back, or heads, you pervs!). Just simple little extra gestures here and there let us know that you're thinking about us and are showing us affection and attention. Yes, some of us can be needy, but these little types of gestures go a long way.

8) Saying “I Don't Know”
The all time biggest irritation with 'I Don't Know' for men is definitely when a man asks his woman, “What do you want to eat?” and she responds with, “I don't know.” Then what should have been a split second decision turns into a 45 minute debacle. Why do we respond with, “I don't know?” The truth is probably that because we don't know, or because we don't care. So, yeah, sorry about the “I don't know” thing. I wish I knew what to tell you, but I don't know.

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