Donald Trump's presidential campaign has kicked into high gear.

The always controversial Trump has released his first TV commercial in his bid for the White House.

As the public has come to expect, he pulls no punches while touting a ban on Muslims as photos of the San Bernardino shooters pop up on screen. He also pledges to stop ISIS, put an end to illegal immigration and build a wall "that Mexico will pay for."

There is no middle ground with Trump -- people either love him or hate him -- and this ad, called "Great Again," will only continue to fuel the sentiments.

The commercial is expected to run in early key primary states Iowa and New Hampshire, beginning on Tuesday. It's part of Trump's efforts to spend some $2 million in those states to keep his momentum going.

The spot has not been warmly met. The Atlantic cited its fear-pandering, calling it "a greatest-hits package of the Trump campaign, while the Washington Post labeled it "Trumpism in all its xenophobic glory."

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