Spencer County Animal Shelter is closed until further notice, in the mean time, the animals there need to go somewhere. Local rescues are full and need help! It Takes a Village made a plea online.

(Thank you to Emilee Kerner Photography for the photo)
(Thank you to Emilee Kerner Photography for the photo)

Gemma (above) is one of the many dogs at It Takes a Village needing a forever home!

If you've ever considered fostering or adopting now is the time to do it.  You may remember that there were allegations that some kittens were euthanized by being frozen to death at the shelter. According to our friends at Eyewitness News, the sheriff's office confirmed the reports from several witnesses of the animals being frozen, so the case was turned over to the Indiana State Police.  ISP then turned their findings over to the Spencer County Prosecutors Office. In the mean time, the Spencer County Animal Control Board President confirmed the shelter would be closing until further notice. This leaves many animals needing to be placed with local rescues.

Local rescues are already filled to the brim with animals needing help, and now with the added pressure of the displaced animals from Spencer County Animal shelter, they are needing fosters/adopters!

It Takes a Village today posted this to their Facebook page:

DISPLACED SPENCER COUNTY DOGS- We have started receiving calls to help with dogs needing a place to go that are in Spencer County. We are VERY full and cannot take In anymore animals at this time. Without foster homes we will have to turn them away.

A call came in about a senior lab with seizures living with a 3 year old lab. Owner has been incarcerated and a family member has been taking food over and caring for the dogs a couple of times a day. She has called several animal controls and humane societies but they are not able to take the dogs due to them not living in their county.

We will be going there tomorrow to see how we can help but we need a foster home for them to go to or to empty some kennels here at the rescue for them.
If you can help please email us at info@itvrescue.org

If you would like to help please consider fostering or adopting. If you're in a place where fostering is an option, absolutely now is the time to do that. It's simple, email ITV at info@itvrescue.org or fill out an application via their website, here.



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