The temps are dropping, and thermostats are going up, here's some ways to help your body adjust to colder temps.


Winter is around the corner and I'm going to be totally honest with you, I HATE Winter. For me the season drums up visions of Jack at the end of The Shining  where he's frozen, that's an accurate depiction of how Winter makes me feel. I hate being cold more than anything, so when I saw you can help your body adapt to the cold faster, I thought this was interesting.

According to this article Time posted, humans have the ability to adapt to colder temperatures, and it turns out we actually do adapt. Studies show that we feel colder and shiver more at the beginning of Winter than at the end because by the time January hits, we've been dealing with the cold for a while.   However there are ways to help your body speed up the process, but I'm going to warn you, these sound like zero fun.

According to Time you can take a cold shower, but only let the water run cold for like 15 seconds, then turn the heat back up.  Increase it slowly each day and let your body get used to it. Another way they say is to just let yourself be cold. Drop your thermostat a few degrees and shed some layers and take time to adjust to that temperature.  Another suggestion is to go outside, spend some time in the cold, and don't completely wrap up. Wear a light jacket instead of going straight to a coat. Now obviously it is recommended that you be smart with these things. Don't just allow yourself to freeze for the sake of trying to adapt to the cold faster, and if you have a heart condition, maybe don't try and shock your system into anything. Your body will eventually adapt (as much as you'll let it), these are just some ways to speed up the process.

Check out the full article from Time where they have more tips, and the scientific studies that tell you why these things work.

As for me, I'll be hunkering down under my heated blanket with my fireplace turned on and some hot chocolate to ride out this Winter, but you do you, just don't let yourself get too cold and end up like Jack from The Shining.


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