Unbeatable entertainer Debbie Reynolds, star of Singin’ in the Rain and mother to Carrie Fisher, has died at the age of 84 after suffering a stroke earlier on Wednesday.

It’s another shock to add to an exhausting and sad week, as this comes just a day after her daughter passed away after suffering from a heart attack on a plane. According to TMZ, Reynolds was at her son Todd’s home in Beverly Hills on Wednesday when 911 was called and Reynolds was hospitalized due to a stroke.

“She wanted to be with Carrie,” her son told Variety.

Reynolds was the dynamite singing, dancing triple threat of such MGM classics as Singin’ in the Rain, during which she stole the show right from under the tap shoes of Gene Kelly with her infectious smile and laughter. She was nominated for an Academy Award for The Unsinkable Molly Brown and was nominated for a Tony for Irene. Her presence onscreen was glowing and singular, sweet and lively. For those of the younger generation, she starred as hilarious, witchy grandmother Aggie Cromwell in Disney’s timeless original classic Halloweentown. She guested on Golden Girls, Will & Grace, Love Boat, and Roseanne, and lent her voice to kids’ cartoons like Kim Possible.

In 2015, her daughter presented Reynolds with the well-deserved Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award. She was an icon, a mother, and a great talent that Hollywood stars and film lovers will always hold in their hearts. Rest in peace, Debbie.

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