Crocs caused quite the uproar when they announced they were closing a manufacturing facility in Mexico and said it also plans to close its last manufacturing facility in Italy. So what does this mean for folks like myself who wear Crocs just about everyday? Should we stock up? Panic? Or should we even be concerned?

Crocs Footwear Open Flagship Store
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Crocs has finally cleared the air about their future after announcing they are closing all of its "company-owned manufacturing facilities in connection with ongoing efforts to simplify the business and improve profitability." The key words there are "Company-owned manufacturing facilities." Why is that important? According to CBS News,

Most Crocs are already made in factories not owned by the shoe maker. Closing the last of its company-owned facilities, in Mexico and Italy, is part of a plan to completely outsource Crocs' production.

In other words, CROCS IS NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS! Just as I predicted yesterday in my blog about the company closing its manufacturing facilities. They are simply outsourcing production, which is a common thing to do among apparel companies. So what about them closing  160 of its 558 retail stores by the end of 2018?

Crocs will be closing those stores in an effort to focus on more online sales. There are some retail stores around the area that sell Crocs, as you may already know, that (I can assume) will still carry the products. So Crocs fans can rest easy knowing that they don't have to stock up on the products. The company doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon!

Also, a HUGE "THANK YOU!" To Evansville Police Chief, Billy Bolin for his official investigation into the Crocs case. His continued efforts to make sure that the world is graced with the comfort of Crocs is truly inspiring. Thank you for all that you do for the Crocs Consumers!


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