The Charlie Butler Real Estate Show airs every Sunday morning at 10:30am. This weekend, Charlie and his co-host Evie Barr are joined by FC Tucker real estate agent Geri Terry.

Geri Terry
Geri Terry

Geri Terry is a 30-year veteran real estate agent in the Evansville / Newburgh market, call her at 812-459-4374 to gain the benefit of her knowledge and experience to work for you.

You can e-mail your questions or comments to or If you're interested in selling your home, call (812)449-0050. If you're looking to buy a home, call (812)430-1708.

If you have mortgage related questions, reach out to Evie Barr at, or call (812)463-3199 ext. 404.

More about Charlie Butler

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Charlie was born and raised in Eldorado, IL and moved to Evansville in 1987. Charlie began his real estate career because he loves helping people and enjoys the sales process. Charlie earned his Real Estate Salesperson license in 1999 and began his career as an independent contractor with The Realty Group. From '99 to '08 while perfecting his craft, he sold over $100 million in real estate, had over 1,400 transactions, and was named #1 Realtor in the Evansville Area in Transactions by the Association of Realtors 5 years in a row. By 2006 he was ranked among the top 100 realtors in the country.

A merger and acquisition later, in January 2009 Charlie started Capital Realty and Associates. By the end of that first year, the company had grown exponentially, and was named #3 out of 68 companies in the Evansville Area by the Assoc. of Realtors.

After all of Charlie's achievements and his proven track record within the real estate community, he was elected in 2010 to the Evansville Area Association of Realtors' Board of Directors. With a good foundation, the company continued to grow and provide exceptional service to the city of Evansville. In 2011 after many other offers from various other companies, Charlie found the technology to effectively support his clients, the growth potential that his team needed, and most importantly, the core values that his team lives by in Keller Williams. After an 8 month process, Charlie brought Keller Williams here to Evansville.

Charlie's team of 10 professionals have been #1 in Transactions seven years in a row. In 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011, the team was named in America's Best Real Estate Agents Indiana by Real Trends for number of transactions. In 2012, the team was named among the top 250 teams by transaction in the country by Wall Street Journal and Real Trends. With over 15 years of experience, Charlie and his team are dedicated to helping you.

More about Evie Barr

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Evie is a lifelong resident of the Evansville area. She has over 14 years of residential mortgage lending experience, starting out as a Mortgage Processor before becoming a Mortgage Loan Consultant in 2007. Evie has been with Waterstone Mortgage since April 2015. Evie strives to take the confusion and anxiety out of the mortgage process so borrowers have a clear path to their dream of homeownership. Both Evie and Waterstone Mortgage believe it’s their job to help you enjoy the home buying experience. Evie take care of as much as possible up front, so when a home buyer is told “yes”, she means it.

Waterstone Mortgage’s commitment to excellence means quick service, competitive pricing, and more program options for our homebuyers.

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