Police in Chandler are warning residents to be vigilant when it comes to locking their vehicles after a rash of break-ins and thefts. According to a post on Facebook from the Chandler Police Department, a number of people found themselves the victims of overnight break-ins and at two vehicles were stolen. According to authorities most of these crimes were committed in a neighborhood in the southwest portion of Warrick County. That being said, Chandler Police are offering some suggestions on how to prevent becoming a victim to these types of crimes.

1.) *Lock your car doors* - Sure we all forget...but this is how they get in 95% of the time. A thief, or a group of them, will enter a neighborhood and just start walking down the street checking car handles. Don't make it easy for them. LOCK YOUR CAR!

2.) *Don't keep your keys in your car* - Seems pretty simple doesn't it? If you didn't follow reminder #1 and you're that guy/gal that leaves your keys in your car, Guess What?? You just gave them your car. TAKE YOUR KEYS OUT OF YOUR CAR!

3.) *Don't keep valuables in your car* - They can't steal anything from your car if there's nothing to steal right? Even if you do lock your car if they can see your iPad, laptop, Xbox sitting right there in the seat they may decide it's worth the extra effort to get in. JUST TAKE THEM INSIDE!

They also recommend keeping areas around your home well-lit. If you see someone out of place in the neighborhood, call police. See something - say something. Also if you're able install security cameras on your property.

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