This is an unsettling thing to think about when using any machine like a gas pump or an ATM, but it is a reality in Evansville. You never think to check for anything unusual. You simply slide your card into the machine and withdraw money. However, there's always the chance that you could be at risk of someone trying to steal your money.

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Over the weekend, a credit card skimmer was found in the drive-thru ATM at Old National Bank on First Avenue. There is no word yet how long this device has been in the ATM, but it would be a wise decision to check your bank account if you have used this machine. We can only hope that there hasn't been any fraudulent charges in your account, but the possibility is there.

We never think about something like that being an issue. We swipe our cards and go about our business. However, since one has been found in Evansville, it would be wise to take a second to check before swiping your card. So how are you supposed to know if there is a card skimmer attached to an ATM or gas pump?

I found a short video that details how you can spot a card skimmer at an ATM or gas pump. This is something that you want to know about and check out before using any of those machines. If there was one spotted in the area, chances are, there are more.

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