We're still a few weeks away from April Fool's Day, but this kid is ready.

Twitter user @SamuelAnnis shared these great photos showing how he swapped out his sister's goldfish with carrots.

That's a solid joke, made all the more effective because his sister has still failed to catch on. That's amazing on a few levels. One, they're her fish and she presumably sees them on a daily basis. Two, when you think about how this is on Twitter and how it's gone viral, you'd think someone -- be it a person she knows or someone online -- would let her in on it.

You're probably wondering what happened to the fish. Don't worry because the brother has made sure they're safe and sound.

At last check, the prank is still on and you can only wonder that perhaps the sister is biding her time so she can pounce unexpectedly with a joke of her own that will somehow top this classic.

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