The Boonville Police Department took to Facebook to raise awareness of the current ongoing issue they're having with animal abandonment. 

Boonville Police Department took to Facebook yesterday to share their Pet of the Week feature, but with a twist. They also wanted to raise awareness of animal abandonment. This weeks pet of the week was a mama cat and her litter, who were left in an apartment after their owner was evicted. BPD wants to remind people that leaving your animals like that is a crime.

Here's what they had to say:

This week's pet of the week is a little different. This post is to inform the community about the on going problem with animal abandonment. This mother cat and her 6 week old kittens were left almost a week at a house where the tenants were evicted. Leaving animals behind is a crime and can be charged with an A Misdemeanor up to a Level 6 Felony. Please if you are unable to take your pets with you, call a shelter so they are not left suffering. If you are looking for a furry new family member please contact Warrick County Animal Control

On a personal note, this infuriates me.  If you aren't going to take care of your pet for the duration of their life don't get a pet.  I'm sorry that this cats owner was evicted, it sounds like they fell on hard times.  If that happens, then please reach out to local rescues or animal control.  Don't just leave your cat behind.

Thank you Boonville Police Department for all you do, and working hard to protect the animals in the community as well as the people!


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